The Kingdom

The Kingdom takes its inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the "Bardo Thodol".

Seb Janiak, The Kingdom series, 2009 – 2015 

Tribute to Eun Jin Lee

Drawing inspiration for his work from a variety of sources over the years such as traditional oriental texts or the history of Western art, Janiak created strikingly powerful ensembles in which human figures were replaced by nature and ideas.

The Kingdom, which he began in 2008, constituted a key stage in this protracted process. These large photographs of turbulent skies, vehicles for the primal energy revealed by the transformation of clouds. The breath-taking quality of these works was followed by equally striking series in which Janiak depicted the normally invisible forces which shape and alter reality. This constituted both a personal quest and a game for this artist driven by the desire to look beyond surface appearances. Ever alert and tirelessly challenging the world, Janiak outlined responses and suggestions through the medium of images. 

The Kingdom takes its inspiration from the duality faced by man since his creation, expressed in terms of a struggle between light and nothingness.

The attraction exerted by light invites us to make an inner journey. We often encounter this phenomenon, or miracle, without noticing it, as if deaf or blind, but there exists before our very eyes an invisible realm much vaster then the visible world.

Technical note: This serie has been created without any special effects or retouching, but using techniques of analog photography, namely double exposure, superimposition and photomontage.